Mark of the Necronomicon Pin - Gold and White Enamel

Mark of the Necronomicon Pin - Gold and White Enamel

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Whether you can trace your hermetic lineage in an unbroken line from student to teacher all the way to Al-Nahaas and Alhazred, or simply have some privileged understanding of the Elder Gods of aeons past and faith in their return, proclaim it by bearing the Mark of the Necronomicon. The Mark of the Necronomicon is a skull thought to represent the Author of the Necronomicon, Al Hazred, whose twisted mind was presumably preserved within his skull. 

Attach this Necronomicon pin to your shirt, hat, or backpack as you whisper, "That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die." This is the pin of necromancers, demonologists, mad wizards, or any that flippantly wield arcane power to the calamity to themselves and others.

The pin measures approximately 1 inch in length, uses a butterfly clasp, and comes pinned to a beautiful Journey to the Tree of Sorrows card. Each pin is individually numbered to guarantee uniqueness.

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