Unspeakable Tomes Complete Collectable Enamel Pin Set
gold and white Sigil of the Dreamlands pin
Gold and white Yellow Sign collectible Pin
Gold and white Necronomicon collectible pin
The Unspeakable Tomes collectible pin collection

Unspeakable Tomes Complete Collectable Enamel Pin Set

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This collectible set of enamel pins is the perfect way to show your admiration of those things that slither from dark corners that humanity was never meant to know. This set contains all three of our Lovecraftian designs from the Unspeakable Tomes:

  1. the Sigil of the Dreamlands,
  2. the Yellow Sign, and 
  3. the Mark of the Necronomicon.

Wear these pins on shirts, backpacks, or hats with pride. Or, display them on your desk or shelf.

Now, get all three pins for the price of two through this very special offer.

Each pin is approximately 1 inch in length and has a butterfly clasp. Each pin is individually numbered to guarantee its uniqueness. Get yours today for the lowest numbers possible.

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