Card Sleeves - "Yog-Sothoth Knows the Gate"
Playing card sleeves with art "Yog-Sothoth Knows the Gate" by David LaRocca
Card Sleeves - "Yog-Sothoth Knows the Gate"
Yog-Sothoth Knows the gate playing card sleeves

Card Sleeves - "Yog-Sothoth Knows the Gate"

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Protect your cards for your favorite card games and set the tone for your entire deck. These card sleeves feature the art "Yog-Sothoth Knows the Gate" by David LaRocca.

Secret societies dedicated to knowledge and Yog-Sothoth honeycomb the occult underground. These practitioners of the arcane arts pursue knowledge wherever the journey may take them. 

Each pack of sleeves contains 80 high clarity, acid-free, and PVC-free sleeves for standard-sized (3.5 inches by 2.5 inches) cards.

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