Complete Elder Dice Unspeakable Tomes: Arcane Colors Collection
Blood and Magick Mark of the Necronomicon polyhedral dice
Kadathian Ice Sigil of the Dreamlands polyhedral Dice
The Yellow Sign Mask edition polyhedral dice
blue and pink kadathian ice d6 dice set
purple and green Yellow Sign d6 dice set
Red and Blue "Blood and Magick" necronomicon dice d6 set
The Complete Collection of the Unspeakable Tomes in their Arcane Colors

Complete Elder Dice Unspeakable Tomes: Arcane Colors Collection

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This is the complete collection of the Unspeakable Tomes Elder Dice in their Arcane colors. This collection includes the Yellow Sign of Hastur in the purple and green "Masked" edition, the Sigil of the Dreamlands in the blue and pink "Kadathian Ice" edition, and the Mark of the Necronomicon in the red and blue "Blood and Magick" edition. This collection also includes the d6 tube of dice for each design in the corresponding color. The symbols replace the highest value on each die.

Elder Dice add the perfect magical touch to any fantasy or horror roleplaying game and each polyhedral set comes packaged in its own collectible spellbook box. 

Each set of Elder Dice contains the complete set of nine polyhedral gaming dice: 1 four-sided die, 3 six-sided dice, 1 eight-sided die, 1 ten-sided die, 1 ten-sided percentile die, 1 twelve-sided die, and 1 twenty-sided die.

Each polyhedral set is packaged in a matching spellbook box with a magnetic clasp. The boxes have an interior dimension of 2.75 inches by 3.75 inches. Their interiors feature art by David LaRocca.


  • x1 set of nine Yellow Sign polyhedral dice "Masked" edition
    • x1 "Masked" Edition Yellow Sign magnetic grimoire box
    • x1 Yellow Sign lore card
  • x1 set of nine "Kadathian Ice" Sigil of the Dreamlands polyhedral dice
    • x1 "Kadathian Ice" Sigil of the Dreamlands magnetic grimoire box
    • x1 Sigil of the Dreamlands lore card
  • x1 set of "Blood and Magick" Mark of the Necronomicon polyhedral dice
    • x1 "Blood and Magick" Mark of the Necronomicon magnetic grimoire box
    • x1 Mark of the Necronomicon lore card
  • x1 tube of nine "Masked" Edition Yellow Sign six-sided dice
  • x1 tube of nine "Kadathian Ice" Sigil of the Dreamlands six-sided dice
  • x1 tube of nine "Blood and Magick" Mark of the Necronomicon six-sided dice

 Note: This collection bundle does not include d10 tubes. 

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