September 2017 Newsletter - With New Information on Upcoming Projects

September is almost gone, but, as always, there is a lot going on at Infinite Black. Here is the rundown on Elder Dice, the $500 giveaway, and a special sneak peak at projects in development.

The big event this month is that Infinite Black is running a giveaway for $500 worth of tabletop games and game accessories.

Included in the giveaway is:

  • War of Kings - the strategy board game of medieval kingdom-building and warfare,
  • Incantris - the board game of wizardly combat, 
  • the complete TerraTiles terrain system, including TerraTiles: The Misty Moorlands, TerraTiles: Coasts and Rivers, TerraTiles: Tundras and Wastelands, and the TerraTiles: Battle Pack,
  • the core Delta Green Lovecraftian roleplaying books: Delta Green: Agent's Handbook, Delta Green: Need to Know (with GM screen, quickstart rules, and a ready-to-play scenario), and Extraordinary Renditions, a Delta Green fiction anthology, and a   
  • $100 gift certificate to the Miniature Market in case there is anything you didn’t win here that you need to pick up.

If you haven’t entered yet, you can enter to win through this link. There are lots of fun ways to enter. The final day to enter the drawing is October 3rd, and we will draw for the winner shortly after.

We received another round of sampling for the Elder Dice Kickstarter project and are very pleased to report that “Sample C” is finally what we wanted for Elder Dice. Check out these beautiful dice:

Of course, these dice have not been engraved, but we approved these color samples and asked WinGo to commence production of the molds. For complete information on that, please see Elder Dice Kickstarter Update #17.

So, when will I get my dice? We believe the timetable we received from WinGo at GenCon is still accurate. They said it takes twenty to twenty-five days to get the molds ready. After that, they estimate two weeks for mass manufacturing. Once manufacturing is complete we will have everything loaded on cargo ships to take the Elder Dice to our fulfillment partners around the world. From there, when you get your dice will depend on where in the world you are. We will be able to provide more accurate shipping estimates once manufacturing is complete.

Heath recently found a small stock of TerraTiles risers in storage. The risers are the easy way to add hills and other critical elevation to your TerraTiles layouts. These are important elements for any battlefield. These risers are professionally manufactured to fit beneath the TerraTiles. If you have ever tried to cut a stack of perfect hexagons out of a styrofoam sheet, you know how difficult it can be. The risers are white and can be painted to match any of the TerraTiles sets.

Because the qualities are so limited, these have not yet been returned to the RAINN Studios website. Instead, we have been offering them to customers directly through email and the newsletter. Because of the limited stock, purchases are limited to two boxes of risers per customer. Use this link to directly check out with one box (10 risers), and this link to check out with two boxes (20 risers).

The risers can be shipped to customers in the United States only. 

We have started a production blog on the Infinite Black site that goes beyond the latest news to give you a glimpse at product development. Here are the most popular blog posts this month:

  1. What are the Core Elements of an RPG? We are considering moving Infinite Black into RPG development. If we were to develop our own system, we wanted to understand what the core element of an RPG is. That is what this blog is all about.
  2. The Pros and Cons of Open RPG Systems: Many people said they wanted us to work on world building rather than rules development. Adopting an existing system would be an easy way to do that. Therefore, we reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of different open systems. People had a lot to say about that!
  3. Making Elder Dice Happen, Part 1: We had been asked for more behind-the-scenes information on exactly how the Elder Dice Project came to be, and so we started a series on that. This blog post reviews how David and I formulated the Elder Dice project over a year ago.  

Heath’s latest board game, Incantris, is receiving very positive reviews. In this board game, each player plays a team of three wizards, each with unique spells and abilities. Most of the reviews have been posted to the Incantris Board Game Geek page, but you might specifically want to check out:

Plus, Rob Oren of the Dice Tower, came by Heath’s booth last month at Gen Con and shot a short video about it. Check it out:

If you would like to pick up a copy of the game, you can check it out and place an order through this link.

While Elder Dice is being manufactured, we have been hard at work on new projects. We have decided to create codenames for each of the projects in development so we can share information with you before they are publicly announced. Here is what we've got:

Project Unspeakable: We have been working on this project for some time and think you are going to love it. It has passed out of the development phase. All of the necessary graphic files and designs are close to being finalized. We have been working closely with a manufacturer to ensure they understand what we are trying to create so they can provide an accurate quote. 

David did a Facebook livestream from his studio last week while working on an illustration associated with Project Unspeakable. Here it is:

When David goes live from his studio, he does that through his artist’s Facebook page. Be sure you “like” it to receive notifications. He also posts “work in progress” shots to his Instagram account. Here is one he posted recently for Project Unspeakable:

Project Shrine: This project was hatched when we went on a “Creative Sabbatical” to work undisturbed in a lake house without internet or cell phone connectivity back in May. Much of the initial design work has been done, as well as the creation of necessary 3D rendered models. We have also been inviting fellow creatives in the local area to see our work on this project for their critique and review. We are also working with a manufacturer on it to get it accurately quoted.

Project Chamber: This project is very different than anything we have ever undertaken before, but will become a core part of Infinite Black. This project involves coordinating many different talents, including illustration, story-telling, videography, and voice-talent. David and I shot a lot of video footage from his art studio a few weeks ago for a part of this project and are looking forward to being able to share it all with you.

Project Journey: This project is in a very early stage of development. We are bouncing ideas back and forth between ourselves and the Elder Gods to determine what role they will play. More on that when we know.

Remember that if you are a Facebook user and want to talk about the development of Elder Dice and everything going on at Infinite Black, just click here to join the group.

That is all we have for now. We will see you around Facebook, Kickstarter, and everywhere else, and we will be back in touch with next month’s newsletter!

Heath and David