January 2018 News and Wrap Up

Elder Dice are moving around the world and will start arriving in the hands of the backers very soon. Plus, we have a new Journey to the Tree of Sorrows audio production available free on YouTube—The Life of Abdul Alhazred, so let’s get to it! 

Elder Dice Are Moving Around the World

We received our production copies of Elder Dice just after the new year and we are very pleased that everything checked out. Here we are unboxing them for the very first time:

Elder Dice are now on cargo ships headed to the fulfillment partners around the world. Backers in East Asia will likely be the first to receive theirs, as WinGo will be sending out those rewards as soon as this week. Other locations will receive theirs as the cargo ships reach their destinations. We included tracking links for all the vessels in the latest Kickstarter update so you can track them as they move around the world. If you want to stay on top of everything happening with Elder Dice and be a part of the community, you can join the Elder Dice Facebook group right here.

Sign Up to Buy Elder Dice

Because we have closed down the Elder Dice PledgeManager, there is currently no way to pledge for, or to pre-order Elder Dice. We will have Elder Dice for sale, but quantities will be very limited and we expect them to go quickly. Therefore, if you were not in on the Kickstarter campaign and want to get a copy of Elder Dice, it is very important to sign up right here. Everyone who signs up will know as soon as Elder Dice go on sale. Elder Dice will not be on sale on our website until after Elder Dice Kickstarter rewards start shipping.

New Audio Production Released:
“Prologue to The Life of Abdul Alhazred”

In our latest Journey to the Tree of Sorrows audio production, we are exploring the life of one of the most famous characters in Lovecraft’s mythos, Abdul Alhazred, the author of the Necronomicon. Sit back and immerse yourself in the “Prologue to Hayat Abd-al-hazard (The Life of Abdul Alhazred), as written by Rahaz Al-Nahaas”.

This production is a collaboration between Infinite Black and HorrorBabble. It was written by E.H. Robinson, with art by David LaRocca, and narration by Ian Gordon.

If you want to be part of Journey to the Tree of Sorrows, we have started a Facebook group for it. It is the place to hang out and talk about the story and the RPG. You can also learn more here.

The Inner Circle on Patreon

Members of the Inner Circle receive art, stories, RPGs and more from Journey to the Tree of Sorrows as they are published. We are very proud of its success. We reached our first goal of $1,000 a month and so have started talking to two new people about writing adventures for the RPG. We had a couple of conference calls about that this week and are very excited about that moving forward.

If you want to get involved, sign up for the Inner Circle on Patreon right here. At the $10 reward level, we will even send you an enamel pin that features the sigil of the Orb and Path. 

Project Unspeakable is Coming!

With Elder Dice on its way to the fulfillment centers, we have started to turn our attention to the next Kickstarter project. It is codenamed Project Unspeakable. We will publicly announce the project sometime next month. There will be giveaways and much more to celebrate. If you want to know the latest as it is happening, be sure you are a member of the Elder Dice Facebook group.

Production Blogs

RPG Development - Because roleplaying games are an important part of what we are doing now with Infinite Black, we wanted to talk about the direction we are taking with its development. Here’s a look behind the curtain at what we are creating. To read, click here.

Getting Elder Dice Manufactured: A Retrospective - With Elder Dice on its way around the world, we wanted to look back on the manufacturing process to understand the cause of the delay. If you are looking for a behind the scenes look at manufacturing a project like Elder Dice, this is it. To read, click here.

YouTube Overview

Because YouTube is becoming an increasingly important part of all we are doing here at Infinite Black, we like to wrap-up the newsletter with an overview of our YouTube channels.  We are monitoring the statistics on the channels very closely. Our first goals for the Journey to the Tree of Sorrows YouTube channel is to reach 1,000 subscribers and 10,000 views on a single video. Come by and subscribe to the channel. We hope you enjoy the productions.

Most Recently Released Videos

  1. “The Life of Abdul Alhazred” - A Journey to the Tree of Sorrows Story
  2. Elder Dice Unboxing
  3. “The Chamber of the Yellow King” - A Journey to the Tree of Sorrows Story
  4. "Yog-Sothoth Knows the Gate" Illustration Spotlight
  5. "Yog-Sothoth Is the Gate" Illustration Spotlight

Top Five Most Watched Videos in the Last 28 Days

  1. “The Chamber of the Yellow King” - A Journey to the Tree of Sorrows Story (2,574 views in last 28 days)
  2. “An Excerpt from the Libro Daemonia - A Journey to the Tree of Sorrows Story (1,430 views in 28 days)
  3. Elder Dice Unboxing (931views in last 28 days)
  4. “War of Kings” Example of Gameplay (466 views in last 28 days)
  5. What is Journey to the Tree of Sorrows? (219 views in last 28 days)

Top Five “All Time” Most Watched Videos

  1. War of Kings: Example of Gameplay (5,837 total views)
  2. Frostgrave: Creating a Warband (4,826 total views)
  3. War of Kings - Kickstarter Extended Trailer (4,322 views)
  4. War of Kings - Kickstarter: Overview of Gameplay (3,867 views)
  5. "An Excerpt from the Libro Daemonia” - A Journey to the Tree of Sorrows Story (3,711 views)

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