December 2017 Newsletter

2017 is coming to an end, but there has been a lot going on here at Infinite Black. Here's the month's wrap up.

The Inner Circle is Live on Patreon

Infinite Black’s Inner Circle is now live on Patreon. Developing Journey to the Tree of Sorrows is now a major part of Infinite Black. Journey to the Tree of Sorrows is a dark world of Lovecraftian horror where the characters search for forbidden knowledge across the world, across time, and into different dimensions. We are developing it through stories, audio productions, art and games—especially roleplaying games.

Members of the Inner Circle will have the materials sent to them as they are published. Plus, for only 3 more days, members of the Inner Circle can get up to $100 worth of tabletop gaming gear sent to them just for signing up. Please join now. We are having a great time.

“The Chamber of the Yellow King” Short Story Released

“The Chamber of the Yellow King”, the first Journey to the Tree of Sorrows short story has been released!

The veil between the earth and all else is particularly thin tonight, and Gabriella is sneaking through the stonework corridors beneath the university. She and her companions are searching for an ancient tome bound in sickly yellow leather that will let them conjure magic more powerful than she has ever called upon before. Such books are known to be protected by horrific curses, and what’s more, the spell must be cast in the deathly chamber of the Yellow King, where evil is known to dwell.

You can get it for Kindle from Amazon or as PDF directly from the Infinite Black online store. But also, if you join the Inner Circle at least the $3 “Journeyman” level, you will receive the PDF of the story free, as well as the rest of them as they are published.

The cover features the latest major work of art from David LaRocca. He also released it this month. It is called “White Night, Black Stars, Dim Carcosa”. It features one of the most sinister beings in the Lovecraft mythos. If you would like to have a signed print, you can get it from the Infinite Black online store.

An Excerpt from the Libro Deamonia” Released

Beware the cult of the dead yet deathless god beneath the waters!  The first Journey to the Tree of Sorrows audio production was released earlier this month. It is “An Excerpt from the Libro Deamonia”, A nihilistic cult has emerged in Europe, and Father Miguel, a 17th-century priest and Inquisitor, is concerned regarding the church's readiness to combat it. You can listen to it on YouTube right here:

Be sure to subscribe to the Journey to the Tree of Sorrows channel while you are there! 

Elder Dice

Manufacturing for Elder Dice is finally wrapping up. WinGo has sent us some pictures of the dice manufacturing in progress. It is neat to get the look at them behind the production.


We are now coordinating with the freight logistics company to get the cargo to the fulfillment centers around the world. We will let you know when they are expected to arrive in ports around the world. If you want to read more, all the latest in Elder Dice Update number #23.

War of Kings Makes #7 in “Hidden Gems of 2017”

Meanwhile, we were very pleased that Rob Oren calls War of Kings one of his “hidden gems” of 2017. It is number seven on his list, right behind Unearth. That is great! You can check out exactly what he had to say about it right here at about the 3 minute and 3 second mark.

War of Kings is our game of medieval kingdom-building and conquest. Players gather resources to build their kingdom, fortify it, and raise armies to attack their neighbors. But, beware of the marauders rampaging through the land! We created a five minute how-to-play video to bring everyone up to speed on how to play.


If you would like a copy of War of Kings, you can pick one up from the RAINN Studios online store right here.

YouTube Round Up

  Because YouTube is becoming such an important part what we are doing, we want to keep on top of all the video that that are going out and what has been most popular. Here's the newest and most popular videos of December 2017.

Most Recently Released YouTube Videos

Top Five Most Watched YouTube
Videos in the Last 28 Days

  1. "An Excerpt from the Libro Daemonia" - A Journey to the Tree of Sorrows Story (1,940 views in the last 28 days)
  2. What is Journey to the Tree of Sorrows? (200 views in last 28 days)
  3. HeroQuest in Depth 8 - Expansion Packs (169 views in last 28 days)
  4. The Journey to the Tree of Sorrows Inner Circle (131 views in the last 28 days)
  5. War of Kings - Kickstarter: Overview of Gameplay (119 views in the last 28 days)

Top Five Most Watched YouTube Videos - All Time

  1. War of Kings: Example of Gameplay (5,316 total views)
  2. Frostgrave: Creating a Warband (4,727 total views)
  3. War of Kings - Kickstarter: Extended Trailer (4,317 views)
  4. War of Kings - Kickstarter: Overview of Gameplay (3,660 views)
  5. Incantris 2-Minutes Gameplay Overview (3,110 total views)

We have so much planned for 2018. It is going to be an amazing year. We hope it will be for you too!

Happy new year!


David and Heath

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